•  Home & Dry work in partnership with organisations and charities experienced in delivering housing and care services to young people in Nottinghamshire, between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

•  It is our aim to provide those experts on the ground with an additional financial resource, in the form of a rental deposit (Home & Dry Starter Grant), to assist young people in need, who are otherwise unable to take the next step in their journey towards independent accommodation.

•  The number of young people we can help is dependent on the number nominated by our trusted partners and the funds we have available at any one time.

• Our approach is pragmatic. We expedite all suitable nominations for help as quickly as is practical.

•  We rely 100% on our Partners to use their professional skills to evaluate nominated individuals and assess that they have developed the life skills to be able to live independently.

•  In order to receive a Home & Dry Starter Grant and ensure long term success, our Partners need to assess the individual’s ability to pay rent monthly, on an ongoing basis.

• We depend upon the experience of our Partners to check the suitability of proposed rental properties and landlords, verifying the properties are fit for purpose and no conflicts of interest exist.

•  Home & Dry’s aim is to unblock any potential financial barriers by subsequently paying the rent deposit to the landlord directly, enabling nominated young people to move on quickly and positively.

•  We believe that by helping young people overcome the barrier of a rent deposit, it will have a major impact on helping you resettle them effectively and appropriately.

To download a copy of Home & Dry’s Partner Values, please follow this link